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How to impress everyone at your BBQ party

Do you love preparing sausages, steak and other mouth watering meals? If so, you must have used a frying pan at some point. We can all agree that the small size makes the preparation more tedious and clumsy. Well, one of the best options out of this predicament is trying out a
griddle to make the cooking easier and fun. A griddle is mostly square in shape and bigger as compared to the small round shape of the pan. With that being said let’s have a look at how to impress everyone at your BBQ party.

If you are planning on having friends over for a BBQ, then you certainly need an electric griddle. There is nothing as embarrassing as presenting steak which is burnt or half cooked. You will see your dreams of ranking yourself as a pro cook among your friends kissing you goodbye. In order to avoid this, you can search for griddle in the market, but one which certainly stands out is the Blackstone griddle. It offers even heat distribution thus ensuring you do not present half cooked steak or any other food. It also offers the ability to regulate the cooking temperature and so you won’t end up with burnt food. Friends and family will surely love your exemplary cooking skills thanks to the griddle.

Another issue we can also agree on is that people are very snoopy. Whenever they come to your house, they are keen to see what you have purchased and how lovely it is even before considering the functionality. Surprisingly, Griddles are also subjected to the same fate and this makes purchase of one a serious matter. Undeniably, there is that inner person in you who wants to show off your smashing new piece which will leave guests in awe. Blackstone has ensured of this through its beautiful black flawless color for the griddle or you can also settle for the stainless steel piece. As if this is not enough on the aesthetics, you are indulged in a design which is one of a kind.

The front panel harbors the controls in an easy to use but sleek subtle manner. The control knobs serve their function but ensure that you carry on your cooking without knocking you knees or being distracted. The caster wheels incorporated are also foldable for your convenience when carrying it. There are also fasteners for holding in place the propane tank which will make your cooking safe, without the fear of somebody accidentally knocking it down. To top it all, the frame is powder coated. These outstanding features will tempt you to rate it as the best electric griddle.

Again, BBQ’s have always been thought a task when it comes to moving a griddle from point A to B. This makes people opt to cook from one place and endure the price of having to keep on moving back and forth with the food. Surprise your friend with a Blackstone griddle in your party. As earlier mentioned, it is fitted with wheels for easy movement not to mention that they are also foldable in case you are carrying it longer distance. Why cook from a distance while you can move it closer and cook while engaging in chit chat with friends?

Still, have you ever had an issue with cooking the food fast enough for a big number of people at your party? This can be notably difficult if you are having a small griddle like the ones provided by other competitors like Weber. However, with Blackstone’s 720square feet cooking surface griddle, you get to cook larger amounts. It is always amazing as to how much time you save while cooking with such a big sized griddle. After all, you do not need people starving and missing the point of coming together which simply to have a good time.

Apart from the size of the griddle, there is also the issue of how fast it cooks. Can you imagine cooking for a lot of people in a fraction of the expected time? This can happen if you get the four burner Blackstone griddle. However, be forewarned because friends might always settle for your place whenever the word BBQ comes up in a conversation because of your outstanding griddle. The speed of cooking is impressive and you are done before you know it. However, you also have the chance of getting a two burner if you mostly have a smaller number of guests. All in all, a griddle is the way to go if you want to make your mark as a pro when it comes to BBQs preparation.

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