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Blackstone 36″ griddle review – All the space, is it worth it?

Outdoor cooking as many of us will attest to is simply exciting. And what better way to do it than investing in an outdoor grill! Designed to facilitate easy outdoor cooking of multiple meals, griddles are the amazing must-have accessory. Nonetheless, as any wise buyer will tell you, the effectiveness of a product lies in its quality, which is why quality is essential when choosing a griddle.

Blackstone products are the highest-rated and for a good reason. Aside from making them robust, the company is also reputed for their affordable, and easy to use griddles most notably, their 36-inch Griddle.


This Blackstone is a remarkable, large-capacity, portable, low-cost cooktop designed to facilitate a fulfilling (outdoor) cooking experience. Blackstone (which started in 2005) blends size, consistency, and function to create a quality, large, and affordable griddle. This 36-inch griddle is particularly renowned for its large cooking area and subsequent low-cost price-making it a money-worth investment.


  • Quick ignition button; easy assembly
  • Large (36″ x 21″) cooking surface
  • Easily removable griddle top
  • Study, powder-coated, steel frame
  • Four caster wheels (industrial strength) two of which are lockable
  • Solid burners (stainless steel) for durability
  • Rolled, thick steel surface facilitating excellent heat distribution and retention
  • Combined 60, 000 BTU (15,000/burner)
  • High to Low-temperature settings on the four burners (independently controlled)


Most large, low-priced Blackstone grills come short when it comes to the aesthetic appearance. Nonetheless, they are massively popular for their convenience (especially for those cooking for large families), and cost-saving since they are less costly compared to their other huge counterparts.

It features an exclusive measurement of 62.5x22x36 with a considerable weight of 120 pounds which is good for its portability. After all, this is the reason why they are popular for camping and tailgating and more preferred over charcoal options. What’s more, this remarkable grill features a 720sq. inch grilling surface which makes it an ideal accessory for preparing any meal from breakfast to dinner. Finally, it also features side shelves (2) and a bottom-located shelf for prep and food storage.


The griddle is designed for much consistent as well as more temperature across the griddle surface. It features (4) independently controlled burners with each one of these putting out 15,000 BTU’s of heat an hour giving you a total heat output of 60,000 BTU’s. It is designed using steel as opposed to Grates but features the ideal thickness to ensure savor is in no way compromised.

Easy setup

Despite its massive size, this 36-inch griller is quite easy to set up. Amazingly, it only requires you to have a typical Screwdriver (Philips-preferably) since it is a simple case of several minor operations before it is fully setup and running. Usually, the entire set up process only takes about half an hour. While setting it up, the only major setback perhaps is the 50-pound griddle slate-although you can ask for assistance in case you are unable to lift it alone.


Incredibly, even with its massive (720-square”) cooking space, the Blackstone (36-inch) griddle is quite low-priced. It is among the largest grillers offered for less than $400. In fact, one Blackstone review indicates that you can own one at just under $300.


A comprehensive Blackstone 36-inch griddle review will indicate that with such a cooking surface which is large, many families can prepare enough food to last about a week. Imagine that! This grill can be especially convenient for individuals who are unable to prepare food every night. What’s more, this Blackstone review also earlier mentioned the distinct quick ignition feature which is also a remarkable inclusion.

Ease of Use

Finally, in reference to the features outlined earlier in this Blackstone 36 inch griddle review, this grill is not only portable but also features a thermometer that is both accurate and easily readable. Additionally, the entire setup is self-explanatory particularly in the aspect of operation which makes this Blackstone grill comfortable for amateurs.


  • Easy and quick to assemble and use
  • Sturdy construction, durable
  • Constant and even heating capacity
  • Low-priced
  • Portable


  • Grease-related problems including leaking and failing to drain off as required
  • Lacks wind guards


As per the findings of this Blackstone review, there is entirely no doubt that this 36-inch (Blackstone) accessory is the ideal outdoor grill for you. It features a large, well-designed and evenly-heated cooking area that makes the cooking of large meals convenient, robust construction that renders it durable and is portable. And aside from its minor grease concerns, the fact that it is easy to assemble and is offered at a low-cost makes it a remarkable investment worth every penny.

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